Throwback Thursday: Transform your home into the Maple Leaf Gardens!

Maple Leafs banner

Since the Toronto Maple Leafs haven’t hung a Stanley Cup banner of their own in any of the last five decades, there would be a cruel irony to hanging one in your own living room.

OK, that was a cheap shot.

Not so cheap: One of the six (1948, ’49, ’51, ’63, ’64, ’67) Cup banners that once hung in Maple Leaf Gardens. They’re among the myriad items currently up for bids at Frozen Pond Auctions.

Not into banners? Try hanging this on your bathroom door.

Not a Leafs fan? Bid on one of the scoreboard panels featuring the logo of a visiting NHL team (old-school Mighty Ducks, Sabres, Barons — Cleveland had a team once, remember?).

Not a hockey fan? Here’s a framed photo of wrestler Earl Walls.

These auctions end in six days, so expect the prices to skyrocket.¬†While most auction-item descriptions are rather droll, this one at least makes a succinct pitch for what you’re bidding on:

“It has now been over 10 years since the Gardens closed its doors and had all its relics auctioned off. It is getting increasingly harder to find these gems so do not make a pass hoping to find more down the road. This is about as unique as you can get.”

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J.P. Hoornstra
J.P. Hoornstra
J.P. Hoornstra is a writer based in Southern California.


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