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Jonas Hiller

Anaheim Ducks goalie Jonas Hiller was born in Switzerland and is fluent in German, French and English. Here are his Top 5 cities in Europe:

  1. Bern, Switzerland

  2. Prague, Czech Republic

  3. Paris, France

  4. Barcelona, Spain

  5. Rome, Italy

NHL Confidential

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March Madness: Phil-ling out the bracket.

Well, it’s here. The final game. To reach this point took much longer than we expected – but we also didn’t expect death threats, melted ice rinks, arena-filled riots, and an ongoing manhunt for someone who doesn’t act like a man.

Yes, Phil Kessel wreaked havoc on our tournament plans, even two days ago, when he called the locker room in our host rink, Joe Louis Arena.

It reminded us of John Malkovich’s character from In the Line of Fire. Kessel made references to “stolen equipment” and “melting the ice,” then followed up with yet another life-threatening “promise” for our tournament director.

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March Madness: Did Kessel threaten our director’s life?

Final Four bracket

So here we are. Sixty-four skaters down to the Final Four in this wacky, bizarre tournament. It’s amazing how a simple game of “posts” across one end of the rink can create so much controversy and drama, laughter and hilarity, scorn and ridicule.

We’ve seen torn relationships, hair-style contests, aliens, octopus tosses, a RAM truck plowing a Mule (Johan Franzen), alleged bionic men (Nicklas Lidstrom), trash-talk galore (Claude Giroux), and the epic fall of a macho man who unraveled into a doll-playing sissy (Patrick Kane).

The chaos exceeds our expectations every waking minute – even now, as we place our tournament director onto a stretcher and wheel him out of the rink.

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March Madness: Giroux, Stamkos advance.

Claude Giroux

Photo by Dan Hickling

Day one of the Elite Eight featured a scene strikingly similar to The Usual Suspects: Here was Phil Kessel, who slipped out the arena door á la Keyser Soze. Here came a getaway car, driven by Milan Lucic, á la Kobayashi.

And here was our tournament director, running out of the rink like Chazz Palminteri – huffing and puffing in exhaustion, looking every which way for a trace of the suspect, to no avail.

We don’t know if Kessel will be caught – or if he’ll strike again. He’s on the loose, and everyone and everything is at risk. Heck, we delayed the Elite Eight by 80 hours, hoping for his capture, but that didn’t happen. So now we hope our 17 squad cars surrounding the rink will scare him away.

Who knows. We’ll see what happens.

What we do know is this: Today’s Elite Eight winners advance to the Final Four.

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March Madness: Rioting, and what’s up with Nick Lidstrom?

 Nicklas Lidstrom

The Sweet Sixteen ended with a sweet-talking performance by Claude Giroux, yet another criminal act by a disgruntled Phil Kessel, and photographers snapping seven-hours worth of pictures for Patrick Kane and his lovely female fanatics.

Sixty-four teams down to eight, and the madness is just beginning …

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March Madness: Giroux exposes Weber’s soft side

Phil Kessel

Day two of the Sweet 16 was delayed for several hours when Phil Kessel pulled the generator plug and melted the ice at our Phoenix facility. We know he’s still steaming from his back-and-forth argument with Ron Wilson, and that embarrassing loss to Nicklas Lidstrom – and that scoreless tournament as a top seed – but this is just absurd.

Unfortunately, local authorities could not find Kessel, whose elusiveness and running skills outweigh his defensive abilities on the ice.

Here’s to thinking he’ll be a thorn in our side as the tournament progresses. And we should be able to handle it, as long as he’s not throwing punches á la Milan Lucic.

Without further delay (looking over shoulders and eying generators), the Sweet 16 continues …
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March Madness: The Sounds of Music

Day one of the All Puck Sweet 16 is here.

Thus far, we’ve seen a Ram truck plow Johan Franzen, an Austin Powers cart end a tournament for Alexander Ovechkin, and a net-eating slap shot from Shea Weber that scared the daylights out of Jason Pominville.

There’s been heavy trash-talk from Claude Giroux, heavy drinking from Patrick Kane, and a tournament director with heavy circles under his eyes courtesy of a fist-throwing rage delivered by Milan Lucic.

It’s been crazy. And it only gets better …

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March Madness: Patrick Kane’s drinking does not hurt his game

Zdeno Chara

Photo by Dan Hickling

Round two was delayed because Milan Lucic stormed our control room and attacked the tournament director. The Boston thug was clearly irate that his matchup against Zach Parise was not postponed.

Hey, it’s not our fault Lucic fought with his girlfriend, disobeyed police officers and earned a cement bed the night before the game. That’s his problem. Jail time or no jail time, the game against Parise had to start on its scheduled time, no matter the circumstance.

But we must say this: Lucic’s voice was heard, and so were his fists, as our director suffers from a nasty gash above his left eye, and, Ryan Miller-like whiplash.

Anyway, we’ll nurse our wounds as round two resumes …
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More Madness: Martians Miss Pavel

Phil Kessel Pavel Datsyuk

The 64-skater tournament, battle of the fittest is reduced to 32 participants. There were tears from Ryan Kesler, trash-talking by Claude Giroux and a detailed background check that expelled Ryan O’Reilly from future tournaments.

St. Patrick’s Day brought about more oddities. The winners advance to the All-Puck Sweet 16.

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The Madness continues.


Thursday’s opening day of the All-Puck Tournament featured hypnosis for Tyler Seguin, another handshake snub by Sidney Crosby, three disqualifications, and, Alexander Ovechkin driving an Austin Powers cart smack-dab into a wall.

It was flat-out obnoxious.

Today we continue with another 32 skaters in the brackets for Bobby Orr and Maurice ‘The Rocket’ Richard …

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Introducing the March Madness of hockey.

tournament bracketThe All-Puck tournament is here again.

Whoa, wait … did we say “again”? Well, yes. It’s been ongoing since 1979, but we’ve never shared it with the public. It cannot hide anymore amid today’s social media age.

So here it is: Sixty-four skaters battling in a game of posts. One-on-one competition, no goalie, check-up at the blue line, whoever hits the most posts through three 10-minute periods is determined the winner. It’s the fairest way to judge a one-on-one competition.

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